About Me

I am an artist based in The New Forest, UK, specialising in Pet Portraits and Nature. My brother played a big role in my love of art, when I was younger he would sit with me and we would draw from a big British 

nature book. 


I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the UK. I love going for walks in The New Forest with our two little Dachshunds. The outstanding beauty always inspires me and makes me feel at ease, I currently have a full time job alongside my art, to pay the bills, and we've recently bought a house that needs a lot of renovation, so that's a money pit!

After completing my Art A-level, I went on to take Photography in my last year at college, I completed both my AS and A2 in one year. I concentrated on photography for a couple of years leaving art behind, until one day I picked up a biro, of all the mediums! and drew Spirit, pictured below.

Portrait Drawing

I received so many compliments on this drawing so I decided to have a go at drawing my brother's new puppy, a Black Labrador called Minnie, in biro to give to him as a gift. This is what lead to my first commission, a coloured pencil drawing of a work colleague's Yellow Labrador puppy called Reba. 


I use a variety of mediums, my favourites to use are coloured pencils, pens, brusho and oil paints (although I do not spend much time with oil paints anymore, hoping to change this in the future)

I have always loved colour, and try to use it in different ways throughout my work, but above all, I love to create realistic drawings of animals and nature.

Pet Portrait Drawing, Labrador Puppy


Pet Portrait Coloured Pencil Drawing, Labrador